[Zope] newbie - howto get a local javascript file to become a object in Zope

Danny ddn_ddn@yahoo.dk
Sat, 29 Mar 2003 13:34:25 -0000


First I would like to excuse those stupid questions, but allthough Im 
trying its hard to find the information elsewhere.

I have a javascript file located at my local harddisk and I want it to 
become an object in zope. I have already tried to use manage_addFile, 
but it doesnt seem to find the file. In Zope mangement view its easy 
enough to create a txt-file and get it on working, but when I want to 
do the exact same thing in a Product created with Python, it just 

So far I have also tried to find some other objects that I might use 
instead of manage_addFile, but havent succeded yet.

any idears?


Danny Nielsen