[Zope] Detecting Mozilla based browsers

Eron Lloyd elloyd@lancaster.lib.pa.us
Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:43:12 -0500

I agree, and wish that if browser developers *are* going to continue adding 
whiz-bang stuff to their products, that there is some way of introspecting 
this information, by expanding the user agent into some kind of standardized, 
meaningful code. And yes, browser blocking should be a no-no.


On Monday March 31 2003 12:30 pm, Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> Hi,
> detecting a special user-agent incarnation is usually a waste of time.
> Instead of trying to detect one of 1423124982739 browsers with different
> capabilities by their most of the time faked user-agent string,
> one should focus to silently fall back and check only availability
> of special attributes in the DOM.
> IF you want to use a special DOM object, just look wether it is
> defined and choose your action based on this.
> This way you silently support all browsers which try to be the same
> instead of making an endless growing list.
> I personally HATE sites which tell me I would have an unsuported
> browser only because their sucking scripts fail.
> Pretty please stop this sillyness!
> user-agent string is only ment informative and is by no way
> relieable!
> There exist several techniques to fall-back with CSS and
> fall back with scripts. You should also provide usefull information
> if scripting is disabled.
> Regards
> Tino Wildenhain
> Eron Lloyd wrote:
> > It would be nice to have a script used to identify many types of browsers
> > (plus what features they support). I developed one (at home) that pulls
> > the value from REQUEST.HTTP_USER_AGENT and guesses which one made the
> > request, and returns a special code (ex. 'MSIE', 'Mozilla', 'Konqueror')
> > which you can use in a decision tree from there. Would it be useful for
> > the REQUEST object to have an API for this? Perhaps I'll play around a
> > bit with it. Trouble is, like currancy converters, how do we keep the
> > list up-to-date? An XML-RPC call? For features like Midas...good
> > question. Not being real familiar with it, how do you invocate it in a
> > page? It might not be possible to detect until it is released in the core
> > with say, Mozilla 1.5, and you can know by the version number (unless
> > it's disabled!)
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