[Zope] Unable to access Zope interface

Chris Beaven chris@d-designz.co.nz
Sun, 04 May 2003 15:38:47 +1200

Sounds more like to me that the web server isn't running...
Like Troy suggested, check to see if you can still view Zope pages.

If you have Zope server running on a Windows box, try checking out the 
Services in control panel, administrative tools - is Zope listed? Is it 


ACShyam Raj wrote:

>The Zope mailing list zope@zope.org is the right place for your
>--On Samstag, 3. Mai 2003 8:15 Uhr -0400 "A C Shyam Raj (via
>www.zope.org)" wrote: 
>Though I could access tha "Management Interface" at my first attempt,
>after writing my host-name in place of 'peanut' in
>"http://peanut:8080/manage",  using "Internet Explorer", after entering
>the user ID and password, three days ago. 
>But from yesterday, I find that it is not accessible. What appears is: 
> " We didn't find any Web pages containing http://h2e8a6:8080/manage. 
>Tip: Check your spelling or try different words that mean the same
>Kindly help me. I am a newbie. Thank you ! Shyam Raj. 
>PS:  [I could not however get the complete interface when I tried using
>the browsers, 'Opera' and 'Fastbrowser'.] 
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