[Zope] 40,000 users - 800,000 documents

Robert Jean robertjean2@yahoo.com
Mon, 5 May 2003 10:30:14 -0700 (PDT)


We are seeking information on running Zope under an
extreme load. Here are the metrics of the system that
we would like to migrate:

# of users with an account:              40,000
# of R/O concurrent users at peak time:   5,000
# of R/W concurrent users at peak time:   5,000
# of (static) documents:		800,000

Read-only users mostly search and view documents.
Searching is currently done with metadata, but we
would like to add full-text search on text renditions
of the documents. Read-write users mostly view and
index documents.

--> Has someone already run Zope under such extreme
--> Could someone share ideas on hardware and software

We plan to do some kind of feasibility testing. At
this time, here are a few of our ideas:

1. Run ZEO
2. Possibly add an additional layer of load-balancing
with specialized Linux software
3. Serve static pages with Apache or IIS
4. Do not rely on ZODB only  consider MySQL,
Postgres, Oracle
5. Consider alternatives to ZCatalog  for example
6. Develop customization with Products instead of
7. Use Zope RAM caching as much as possible

Your opinion on this topic will be very much


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