[Zope] Filesystem Directory View, etc.

Aurélien Campéas aurelien.aa at wanadoo.fr
Sat Oct 4 13:52:40 EDT 2003

Le sam 04/10/2003 à 19:35, Paul Winkler a écrit :
> I use Analog which I was easily able to configure to put its output into
> a file named index_html, which I server via LocalFS. Works fine.
> LocalFS would work ok for webalizer too - it doesn't strip
> extensions.  Only problem is, LocalFS doesn't prevent edits TTW
> like FSDV does - but you can enforce that by setting permissions
> (either on the filesystem so the zope process ownere cannot write to that
> directory, or in zope by configuring permissions on the LocalFS instance). 
You mean http://zope.org/Members/jfarr/Products/archive/LocalFS ?

It has not been updated since early 2001.
Is it still a viable Product ?

I'll have a look anyway, thanks for this suggestion.


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