[Zope] Filesystem Directory View, etc.

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Oct 7 19:24:29 EDT 2003

>The problem is FSDV transforms any .html .htm .dtml document (it just
>rips the extension). I don't know why it does that, nor how I could tell
>FSDV not to do it, but it's a little rude since Webalizer builds many
>html pages that are linked together according to their full names
>(name+ext). So the navigation from imported Webalizer pages into FSDV is
FSDV is a "port" of the CMF's skins stuff to regular Zope. Most Zope 
objects don't have "filename extensions", but have a type instead, but 
filesystem objects are the other way round. Because the skins want to 
look like regular zope objects FSDV uses the extensions to determine 
type and then discards them. If you want to put an extension on a 
skinned object, you can put a double extension on the file, and only the 
first will be stripped off.

If you want a full mapping of the filenames (for import of things that 
reference each other, for instance, and you don't want to fix that)  you 
can use LocalFS instead. FSDV is more for using a self-developed skin 
from the FS than using existing content whole.

>Also note that while it's possible to tell Webalizer to produce various
>extension names for the files it builds, I don't see how to tell him NOT
>to produce any.
As above, you could make it say name.html.html and it would work fine.


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