[Zope] Invalidate RAM cahce manager programatically

Jim Kutter jim at ebizq.net
Thu Oct 9 10:55:05 EDT 2003

I found the Zcachable_invalidate call yesterday after my first post, but
I couldn't get it working properly, and figured it was the wrong way to

What's happening is that even after invalidating it, it still appears to
be cached. The value is changed in the database. I suspect I'm running
into a double-caching issue with the SQL methods too. Does the presence
of a ram cache manager affect the SQL method's caching techniques? Or is
it completely separate?


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No, you've picked a good tree :-)  For each cached item
that you want to invalidate, call ZCacheable_invalidate().

For example, if you have something (dtml, python script,
page template?) named 'cacheable_article'.  Invoke 


Now if you want to do this for multiple ZEO clients the
problem gets harder.  I came up with my own crude invalidation server
that ran in parallel to the ZEO server.  Jim Fulton suggested that I
could just hack the ZEO server protocol to carry my invalidation
messages as well as its.  I looked into it but was more than a bit
terrified at the thought of messing with the ZEO protocol and
maintaining the result.

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 09:41, Jim Kutter wrote:
> I'm trying to speed up parts of our site, and I want to use cache
> managers (no sense rendering the same results over and over if they
> don't change often), but my editor wants to have changes go live
> immediately.
> I have python scripts that pull SQL results, and displays them nicely.
> What I want is when my editor inserts/edits/deletes an item, the
> knows to refresh. Otherwise that item remains until the script gets
> old in the cache.
> Am I barking up the wrong tree here?
> -jim
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> Jim Kutter wrote:
> > Is it possible to invalidate the whole RAM cache manager 
> > programatically? For that matter, how would I invalidate just one
> entry 
> > as the result of a form action?
> Why do you want to?
> Chris
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