[Zope] Zope evaluation questions

Andreas Jung andreas at andreas-jung.com
Fri Oct 10 10:20:14 EDT 2003

--On Freitag, 10. Oktober 2003 7:13 Uhr -0700 Eric Merritt 
<cyberlync at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> Zope has its own Webserver. You want to run Zope
>> behind Apache and Squid
>> for caching and virtual hosting issues.
> I thought zope could do its own virtual hosting?

using VHM
>> > 3. In terms of templating systems, do you find
>> yourselves using DTML or
>> > ZPT?
>> DTML sucks. Use ZPT.
>  Why do you say this? I generally work on sites where
> its just me and no one else. For this purpose I find
> DTML much easier, quicker, and less verbose to use
> then ZPT. Of course, if we had a graphics designer
> that would be a different story. Or perhaps I am
> missing something about ZPT?

That's my personal opinion. DTML is inconsistent, and hard
to learn for beginners and has several flaws in the design.

>> Mostly read or write access? Zope scale fine with
>> ZEO. Lots of concurrent
>> write
>> might be a problem but there are ways to handle
>> this. It depends on your
>> setup
>> how to approach the problem.
>   If he is using and RDBMS (I thought this was
> implied, might just be me) then the concurrent writes
> will not be an issue at all, any halfway decent
> database should be able to handle 200 or so concurrent
> transactions. This, of course, depends on your
> resource usage.

I was talking about using the ZODB.


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