[Zope] ZODB size limitations?

BZ bz at bwanazulia.com
Tue Oct 14 13:23:43 EDT 2003

(not bragging) my ZODB currently is at around 90,000 objects and grows
from 270MB -> 500 MB. It used to house almost double that and grew to
1.5GB with no problems. Obviously I did some house cleaning.

There are file size limitations in some OS's (I think Linux is 2GB).
150,000 objects is no biggy and if it grew to 500,000, you would still be


> In an effort to put our Zope-based system into production, I ran an
> import
> script to pull in historical data external to Zope.  At this point we are
> experiencing some very strange behaviors - seemingly related to traversal
> of the object tree - that did not occur prior to the import.  At this
> point
> we have close to 150,000 objects, each containing a handful of metadata
> and
> nothing more.  A large number of these are folderish.  I expect this
> database to grow much larger in a very short time, providing it does not
> die a premature death.  Our file system is Reiser FS and our ZODB is
> running on DirectoryStorage, rather than the Data.fs file.  I worry that
> we're pushing Zope beyond its capabilities with this number of objects,
> but
> I don't really know.  Does anyone have experience with databases of this
> size?  Any ideas on limitations to number of objects the ZODB can
> comfortably manage, or the size to which the ZODB can comfortably grow?
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