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Thomas M G Bennett bennettt at pm.appstate.edu
Wed Oct 15 11:27:17 EDT 2003

Simple but possibly effective by using Opera browser, depends on your product.

Case 1: Your product is available immediatly once Zope starts

  First start Zope, then open Opera with two windows, one will stay blank, and set the 
Opera home page on the other window to any page on your Zope server (maybe create a 
page that has a very large font saying ZOPE IS RUNNING).  Next, right click on that 
page and choose 'Reload' and 'Enable' then set the reload time for 5 seconds.  Finally, 
under the Window menu choose Save Window Setup.  Now each time you open Opera 
it will reload that URL every 5 seconds

Case 2: Your product takes longer to start
  Similar as before but set Opera to a page that uses your product, you may have to add 
some functionality to your product to display a static page (not knowing anything about 
your product)

Once Opera displays your page, you can use the second window for your presentation or 
close Opera and use another browser or interface of your choice.

Other browsers may have this feature now but using Opera I know this feature is 
available.  I've used it before when there have been server problems and I needed to 
keep an eye on it.  I set another computer near me to a WEB page on the server and set 
it to reload often.  For example, RedHat 9.0 and Zope 2.6.x. I finally down graded to RH 
7.3.x and am running Zope 2.6.x without interuption.


10/13/2003 4:21:19 AM, Ulla Theiss <u.theiss at eurodata.de> wrote:
>Hello list,
>we have a local Zope installation on a laptop to present our product.
>Our problem is, that starting Zope lasts a relative long time and we
>have no feedback when our product is 
>ready to work.
>Is there a possiblity to show the user e.g. a message box when zope and
>the product are ready to work and
>the user can start the presentation?
>For example is there a method that can be overwritten in order to do
>Many thanks in advance,
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