[Zope] Corrupt database after packing with Zope 2.6.2

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Oct 19 12:46:07 EDT 2003

Douwe Osinga wrote at 2003-10-16 09:06 +0200:
 > I have the same problem. dbpack followed by POSKeyErrors. 
 > To solve the problem, I copied the data.fs.old back to data.fs, which
 > made it work again, but unfortunately the next time I do a pack, I get the
 > same error in the same object.

I am sure, the ZODB developers are very intersted in this "Data.fs.old".

I am interested as well, provided it is small (less than
about 500 kb when bzip2 compressed).

 > The object that causes the error is a major
 > object, so I can't delete it as per the cookbook entry of Dieter I found
 > somewhere.
 > Any better tips?

Try to copy your object, delete the old object and rename the copy
(of course, you are working on a copy of "Data.fs").


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