[Zope] Soap and Zope and DMOZ data dump?

Sean Kelley sean at horse101.com
Mon Oct 20 15:19:03 EDT 2003

I need help implementing SOAPMethod 2.0.0.  In particular, I want to 
display DMOZ.org data on my web site.  Has anyone done this?  I don't 
know the difference between SOAP and RPC and have not done much with 
Python.  I did have my ISP install PyXML and SOAPpy so now I can add 
soap methods.  I attempted to add one from http://wsdlfeeds.com/feeds/6/ 
and was able to pull a reply which was general:
Reply is...
Category Information for 
Top/Sports/Equestrian/Dressage/Directories/Horse_SalesNarrow and 
Symbolic combinedWarmbloods - Sales and ImportExternal links for this 
categoryDressageWBclassifiedFreedom Farm Dressage CentreHeronwood Stables

How do I display and list more data such as Title, URL, Description, 
etc.?  Do I need to write a python script to do this or is there a way 
to use dtml to list this info via the SOAP method?

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