[Zope] Integrating IIS and Plone -- everything works ... except images!

Jason LeMonier jlemonier at Retailpro.com
Fri Oct 24 19:25:20 EDT 2003

Hey all,
I followed this document "Connecting IIS to Zope"
<http://www.zope.org/Members/hiperlogica/ASP404>  successfully.
    - I did have to place the Virtual Host Monster in /Plone instead of at
the root.
    - Beta 2 worked, 1 didn't.
But, none of my images stored in ZODB are getting resolved.
  Navigation works, pages work, database stuff ok, just not images???
any ideas?
many thanks! 

Jason LeMonier 
Software Engineer 
Retail Technologies International 
Office   916.605.7262 
Mobile  415.595.0969 
Fax      916-914-2132 
jlemonier at RetailPro.com 

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