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Bill Etheredge betheredge at mesa-grp.com
Fri Oct 31 07:28:03 EST 2003

Absolutely!  Search on the Zope.org site for information on localization
or i18n (internationalization).  The Plone add-on product (plone.org) is
particularly strong in this area and would be worth your investigation.

This is one of the real strengths of Zope.

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Hi all,

I'd like to know the answer to the following question before proceeding
to use zope to host and create my dynamic site:

Does Zope support non-english websites? I want to create a 100%
Portuguese website. Will that be a problem?

Best regards,

Paulo J. Matos : pocm at mega.ist.utl.pt
Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon
Computer and Software Eng. - A.I.
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