[Zope] Newbie Acquisition Confusion

Murray Pearson zope at ahadesign.ca
Thu Feb 19 17:31:26 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm setting up a system for reviewing academic journals with a Zope 
front end. My client has asked me what would be involved to manage 
multiple journals on the system. It should be dead easy, but Zope's not 
behaving as I expect it to.

Basically, I have the Python logic and ZPT presentation elements split 
up into folders (called "person", "manuscript", "review", etc.) within 
the "journal" folder (the root of the whole system). The style elements 
are in a folder called "skin"; the generic skin items are inside the 
"journal" folder to provide a default skin. The master page template is 
inside the skin folder.

Also within the "journal" folder will be one or more folders for each 
journal, let's call them "abc" and "xyz". Each of these have their own 
SQL database connection and their own "skin" folders, to override the 
default appearance.

It seems to me that the "skin" folder inside "abc" or "xyz" should 
override the "skin" folder inside the root, for every subfolder of 
"abc" or "xyz". But it doesn't -- except DIRECTLY inside "abc" or 

http://server/journal/ <-- gets default presentation, as expected
http://server/journal/abc <-- gets ABC presentation, as expected
http://server/journal/abc/manuscript <-- gets DEFAULT presentation!!!

I also tried altering the structure to eliminate the skins folder, 
making acquisition direct:

http://server/journal/cover <-- gets the default cover image
http://server/journal/abc/cover <-- gets the ABC cover image
http://server/journal/abc/manuscript/cover <-- gets the DEFAULT cover 

Am I doing something wrong here, or is this an ORB fault?
I'm running Zope 2.6.1 (OpenBSD package zope-2.6.1) , python 2.1.3, 

Thanks in advance,

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