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Of course it makes sense to use CMF. Plone is built on top of the CMF, and
so it incorporates gadgets that are suitable for many generic end-uses. But
if you rather need a foundational platform for an enterprise-level CMS,
loof&feel-independent, go for Zope or Zope/CMF.

In the long term you'll find that you'll be required to provide unique
automation tools to the providers, administrators and auditors of content
within your singular organization, and that canned solutions' customizing
features are more of a pain than a real aid. (The same reasoning applies to
high-end commercial suites, by the way). So if you expect that those unique
tools will requiere custom development from you, for that scenerario is way
better to build on top of your own platform, than disassemble and assemble
non-suitable code.

The CMF has its own list. It's a good source of documentation.


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Is the CMF still used in Zope?

I have looked briefly at the documentation for CMF and Plone
- they appear similar.
What is the difference - does it make sense to use CMF for developing
new sites?

The CMF documentation is referenced on the main zope site


but it seems quite old - last updated in 2001, and some notes about
a scheduled move, which apperantly has already taken place...


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