[Zope] a question

Paul Winkler pw_lists at slinkp.com
Fri May 14 14:44:45 EDT 2004

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 11:14:33AM +0200, emami wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I have installed the "Zope-2.7.0.rpm" on my Linux computer(RedHat). I 
> want to connect with MySQL system and I have the database adapter. For 
> this I have selected the next "zope-ZMySQLDA-2.0.8-1ogger00.noarch.rpm" 
> package. I have installed this package without any problem but I can't 
> use the "ZMySQL" method. One of the reseans is that the path of 
> "Zope-2.7.0.rpm" package is: "/usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Products" 
> whereas the path of ZMySQL package is: 
> "/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products" . Thus the differences is between 
> "zope" and "zope2.7" in this case. Would you like to help me to solve 
> this problem or any other advise?

Sounds like a packaging bug. Point it out to the package maintainer,
and in the meantime, I'd just add a symbolic link:
ln -s /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ZMySQL /usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Products/ZMySQL

Personally I don't use linux distro zope packages.. they never put
things where I want, they lag behind releases, etc.
Zope stuff is so easy to install from source that I find it easier
in the long run to do that.

Paul Winkler

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