[Zope] ClientDisconnected - how to prevent this from showing up?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat May 22 16:24:45 EDT 2004

george donnelly wrote at 2004-5-21 19:22 -0500:
>I've got a 7-client ZEO cluster. The client machines are Celeron's and
>the ZEO server is on a dual XEON. All communication is over a private
>network with a switch in the middle.
>Lately I have been getting ClientDisconnected errors more often than I
>would like. restarting the offending client or the zeo server is a temp

We have had similar problems.

Someone on the list asked whether we have some NAT (Network Address
Translation) agent in between. We had...
Such NAT agents close connections when unused for some time
in order to protect their resources. The timeout of our NAT agent
was 30 min.

Our solution: send a keep alive message every 20 min.


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