[Zope] Renaming File Before Download

Robert Rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Wed Nov 24 14:32:43 EST 2004

David Siedband wrote:
> In one of the web apps I'm working on, users upload files into a LocalFS 
> directory.  The python upload script renames the files so that the files 
> name is unique, and based on the corresponding unique ID of it's 
> metadata in my database.  Though now when people download the files they 
> have names like 14201.pdf  instead of the original filename.  Is there a 
> way I can rename the file back to it's original name (stored in the db) 
> upon download?
> -- 
why dont you just attach your unique name to the old name instead of 
replacing it.So it is still unique, and you can then rename the file 
back befor download.

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