[Zope] manage_convertIndexes on large-ish catalogs

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Apr 5 03:26:56 EDT 2006

Michael Vartanyan wrote:
> 1. Clear catalog
> 2. manage_covertIndexes
> 3. start looping through objects reindexing them and calling 
> commit_transaction() on each 100-chunk (or 1000 or whatever your RAM can 
> bear)
> 4. go have a coffee/walk/sleep (depending on the size of your catalog)
> 5. enjoy!

Yeah, I wrote this as a little zopectl run script which anyone is 
welcome to use, just lemme know and I'll put it up somewhere.

Whoever wrote manage_convertIndexes needs a bullet through the head. 
Sheesh :-(

The catalog I was trying to update was only 15,000 objects, albeit 
File-ish ones.

The original swap death'ed the machine and I gave up after about 4 hours 

My version ran in 20 mins.



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