[Zope] Zope or Plone for a social-networking site? (2nd try)

Marty McFly martymcfly at lycos.de
Sat Feb 18 20:08:16 EST 2006

Hi everybody,

I was thinking about trying to develop a social-networking site, like myspace.com or facebook.com (well, on a much smaller scale of course). Elements I'd like to make available for the users are:

- profile with photo gallery
- blog
- instant messages to other online users
- chat functionality
- forum/discussion boards
- "internal" mail system
- ... (should be extensible)

After looking for information for quite some time, I am still not quite sure what to do:

1) Do you think Zope/Plone would be the right thing for this kind of project, or rather some Java CM-system (with better performance maybe since it is compiled and not interpreted?) or some PHP-system? (not a fan of PHP, to be honest... I favor python)
2) Now, the main question: Zope or Plone? I don't completely understand the difference between these two...

I would really appreciate some help/other opinions on this matter.

Thanks a lot, Martin

P.S.: Sorry for the double-post. I didn't want to send the email in HTML.

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