[Zope] How to best use Zope on SMP machines?

krokodylek at tenbit.pl krokodylek at tenbit.pl
Wed Jul 12 15:54:29 EDT 2006

Hi :)

I am to use Zope on a SMP machine which has 2 Xeon HT cpus (so 4 logical
processors). As far as I know Python is not multithreaded, so the full
potential of the server will not be used... How can I change that?

I was thinking about running a couple of identical instances connected with ZEO
and then using some load balancing between them. Do you think this is a good
idea? How many instances should I use on a machine I have described, four? Are
there any cons of such a configuration?

I am open to any suggestions on how to use the machine's power best :-)

Best regards,

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