[Zope] Making Zope Accessible From Internet

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Tue Jul 11 22:38:00 EDT 2006

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>I have successfully gotten a Plone installation to serve requests on
> localhost. Next, I would like to have it serve remote requests.
> I'm using a dialup account and therefore a dynamic IP. I have tried 
> shutting
> down the firewall, manually entering the current IP of my machine in the 
> YaST
> "Hosts" dialogue but Zope doesn't appear to get the requests.
> From what I've managed to partially digest about networking, this could be
> missing configuration in the routing tables, DNS lookup, network 
> interface,
> etc. Etc. Etc. I don't think it's actually something as simple as the
> zope.conf file, or even anything I can learn from studying Apache
> configuration. Does this seem accurate?

Short answer:
- make sure zope is running
- make sure no other web server (apache, etc) is running
- shut down the firewall (very scary mon! - if you can just expose port 8080 
it would be safer)
- add ':8080' to the dynamic url you are using (eg. http://x.x.x.x:8080) and 
see if that works (you shouldn't have to mess with anything else, unless 
your machine is running apache or some other front-end web server, a basic 
zope install will look for http requests on port 8080 of the url of the 
local box)

I have accessed a zope installation running on a box, in a private lan, that 
has been exposed thru the firewall (via a dmz) on a dynamic IP and it works 
fine (until the ip address gets reset)

Good luck!


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