[Zope] Re: Trouble migrating from Zope 2.5.x to Zope 2.9.x

Doug Morse morse at edoug.org
Thu Aug 9 10:38:52 EDT 2007

Hi Jonathan,

Ah, great point -- I hadn't thought about that re: mounting the old Data.fs
root vs. non-root.  I'll give that a try right away -- that could be a
quick and simple fix.  Great thinking!

One thing I can say right off is that this difference (i.e., root-mounted
vs. non-root-mounted) did *not* matter when migrating from one Zope 2.9
installation to another Zope 2.9 installation.  That was something I've had
to do along the way here and worked without a hitch.  Let's see what happen,
though.  I'll try it later today and report back.

Thanks again!

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 09:25:35AM -0400, Jonathan wrote:
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> >Hi Maurits,
> >
> >Thanks for the speedy reply!
> >
> >Hmmm... you make a good point about the ZODB file size.  At
> >installation, though, there was a notable difference.  The new,
> >default Data.fs was 2.9MB, whereas the mounted, older Data.fs
> >(renamed, of course) was/is 4.4MB.
> >
> >I like your suggestion re: just upgrading though each minor release
> >number.  If someone doesn't suggest an alternative, speedier route,
> >then I'll do as you suggest.
> I would try the following:
> 1) Create a new, clean 2.9.x installation
> 2) Copy the Data.fs file (your 2.5.x version)
> And see if it works. It could be that your non-root installation is messing 
> things up.  If you have any ZCatalogs you will need to fix up the indexes 
> (see the READMEs, there was some change in 2.6? 2.8? that requires a 
> utility to update the indexes).
> Jonathan

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