[Zope] MySql connector error

Kevin plone at kevinkal.com
Sat Aug 25 11:07:09 EDT 2007

I have a mysqldb connector object based on 
http://svn.zope.org/mysqldbda/ under zope 2.9.7

Intermittently, I recieve an error *Shouldn't load state for 0xf5f137 
when the connection is closed
I implemented this object because the standard mysql database adapter 
would fail if the connection was idle for some time with a similar kind 
of error.

class MySQLdbAdapter(SimpleItem,ZopeDatabaseAdapter):

    def __call__(self):
	return connection

there is an object stored, I call it and return the mysql cursor and use cursor to make queries ala the python module.

Does this look famileir to anyone else, if so, how was the error overcome?


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