[Zope] MySql connector error

Pelletier Vincent vincent at nexedi.com
Mon Aug 27 03:34:56 EDT 2007

Le Samedi 25 Août 2007 17:07, Kevin a écrit :
> Intermittently, I recieve an error *Shouldn't load state for 0xf5f137
> when the connection is closed
> *

This means there is somewhere a reference to a persistent object which keeps 
it past transaction commit, which is a bad behaviour.

> I implemented this object because the standard mysql database adapter
> would fail if the connection was idle for some time with a similar kind
> of error.

I *think* the error you previously got was not the same, but a "conection 
closed" from regular ZMySQLDA. It is because only the query is protected 
against such error (it causes a reconnection & query retry), but not the 
BEGIN query, which is of course issued first and causes the error to go up 
uncatched. I have a ZMySQLDA version which fixes this problem (an another 
tricky one), and it should get merged into upstream version in near future.
You can grab it on:


Just one remark: a bug has been found in this version which causes problems if 
multiple connections with the same id exist in different places, due to a 
pooling mechanism used to fix the tricky bug. It will work just fine if you 
use site-scope unique ids - as it works for me - but you will get troubles if 
that's not the case.

Vincent Pelletier

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