[Zope] I don't understand why fail

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Thu Mar 8 11:17:38 EST 2007

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Subject: Re: [Zope] I don't understand why fail

> Hi Jonathan!
> CrearFuncionalidad and BorrarFuncionalidad has the same security 
> permissions
> (acquired from parent) I don't change anything at this point
> The question I can't understand is when BorrarFuncionalidad ask for a 
> login
> and password I put my user that is manager and owner but the login don't
> work (it ask again and again)
> Both scripts has the same parent and the same security permissions
> It seems like if zope (or someone else) lost the logged user but I don't
> understand when or who

Please stay on the list.

Have a look at the full traceback in the error_log (ZMI root folder - you 
may have to remove the 'Unauthorized' entry from the 'Ignored exception 
types' field), it may provide some more information.



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