[Zope] ExternalMethod - add new parameter

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Wed Apr 9 09:26:55 EDT 2008

If you would elaborate a little, like what you really want to do,  you might 
get responses directing you toward a quicker solution.  That aside, if you 
want to execute a command line application as root from your External Method 
look at Paramiko as mentioned in my response to the previous External Method 
question.  Paramiko is a python library that allows you to use ssh or sftp.  


On Monday 07 April 2008 08:16, rishi pathak wrote:
> There is a requirement for running some external methods as super user.
> For this I thought of adding a new parameter.If set the code would be
> executed with effective uid of root.
> Can some one point to the code section where zope loads the ExternalMethod
> codes for execution.

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