[Zope] Upgrade to 2.7.2 results in all content unavailable

Wes Modes wmodes at ucsc.edu
Fri Apr 11 15:14:30 EDT 2008

Better yet, here's a more informative debug output.  It tells me that 
zope thinks this is a new instance.  Though the old database is it place 
right where it should expect to see it.

    *[root at library zope]# bin/zopectl debug*
    Starting debugger (the name "app" is bound to the top-level Zope object)
    2008-04-11 12:04:05 WARNING Init Class
    Products.HappySession.HappySession.HappySession has a security
    declaration for nonexistent method 'manage_menu'
    [snipped a bunch of warnings...]

    *>>> import Zope, ZPublisher*

    *>>> ZPublisher.Zope('')*

    Status: 200 OK
    X-Powered-By: Zope (www.zope.org), Python (www.python.org)
    Content-Length: 4066
    Content-Type: text/html

    [snipped a bunch of html and helpful info]
    Zope Quick Start
    You have not created any users in this Zope instance.  In order to
    log in and manage this Zope instance, you'll need to add an
    user account.

    If you're running Zope on UNIX or Linux, you can create an
    user account via the "zopectl adduser" command from a shell. 
    <b>Note: You'll
    need to shut Zope itself down before "zopectl adduser" will work. 
    Zope after executing this command in order to log in.</b>

    WARNING: you are running Zope 2.8.X with python 2.4.X, this is not a
    combination. Don't file bugreports or ask for support on zope.org.

And apparently, I'm running 2.8.7 not 2.7.2 as I thought.  And I'm not 
supposted to ask you for help.  Help!


> Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Dieter Maurer wrote at 2008-4-11 19:13 +0200:
>>> Wes Modes wrote at 2008-4-10 21:04 -0700:
>>>> I upgraded to Zope 2.7.2 and all of my content can't be seen by Zope.  
>>>> Honestly I'm not sure what the previous version I was running was (nor 
>>>> am I sure how to find out).
>>>> Now, every page results in
>>>> Site Error
>>>> An error was encountered while publishing this resource.
>>>> Resource not found
>>>> Sorry, the requested resource does not exist.
>>>> Check the URL and try again.
>>>> Resource: Zope GET
>>> Difficult problems can be analyzed in interactive Python 
>>> sessions.
>>> Under *nix, you start such a session with "bin/zopectl debug"
>>> (under Windows, this does not work but there are alternatives).
>>>    from request import getRequest
>>>    request = getRequest()
>>>    obj = request.traverse('pathpart_of_your_url')
>>>    obj()
>>> If authentication is required, you use
>>>    from request import getAuthRequest
>>>    request = getAuthRequest(user, password)
>>>    ....
>>> If there are problems, you use "pdb.pm()" (or "dm.pdb.zpbd.pm()"
>>> for better Zope support) to analyse them.
>> I forgot. You can download "request.py" from
>>   http://www.dieter.handshake.de/pyprojects/zope/request.py
>> In order to get rid of a deprecation warning, you must replace "Zope"
>> with "Zope2".
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