[Zope] Re: Confused about permissions

Brenda Bell b311b-zope at theotherbell.com
Tue May 13 09:27:19 EDT 2008

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 Brenda Bell <b311b-news at theotherbell.com> 

> What I can't seem to do is get the permissions right such that a user in 
> the Editor role can add new External Files.
> I've checked every box on the Security tab for the Editor role.  Users 
> in the Editor role can view and modify existing ExternalFile's but still 
> cannot add new ones.

I enabled VerboseSecurity and I see this in my console window when I try 
to add an ExternalFile when logged in as a user who is assigned the 
Editor role:

2008-05-13 13:12:55 ERROR Zope.SiteErrorLog 
Traceback (innermost last):
  Module ZPublisher.Publish, line 110, in publish
  Module ZPublisher.BaseRequest, line 596, in traverse
  Module ZPublisher.HTTPResponse, line 713, in unauthorized
Unauthorized: <strong>You are not authorized to access this 
No Authorization header found.</p> 

A loop in BaseRequest seems to be falling through a loop that's 
dependent on ''__allow_groups__''.

I've tried adding a group, assigning the Editor role to the group and 
making my user a member of the group.  But I still get the same error.

What am I missing?

> I thought maybe the problem had to do with permissions on the 
> ExternalFile product itself, but when reading the description on the 
> Define Permissions tab I couldn't really figure out what it was trying 
> to say:
> "The first column below lists the permissions for this object. The 
> second specifies the permissions that should have this permission in 
> this product or ZClass. For ZClass methods, only permissions that are 
> defined for the ZClass are permitted.
> In general, any permissions that include operations that change (mutate) 
> an object should be disabled."
> What exactly does this mean?
> More to the point:  What permissions do I need to assign to my Editor 
> role so users can add External Files?
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