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Mon Aug 4 06:09:20 CEST 2014

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Christopher Lozinski wrote:
> On 7/31/14, 9:13 PM, Fernando Martins wrote:
>> I wonder if it was not a case of over-engineering that helped
>> zope's community fragmentation.
> That is correct.  You know the famous saying by P.J. Eby
> Those who do not study Zope, are condemned to reinvent it.
> Well that is because every concept known to software developers is
> in there. There is no clear directory into the concepts/software
> libraries. And worse yet, when I want to use any of those concepts it
> does not have a clear human interface, documentation and mental
> model, so that I have to go and read the source code.  It is a human
> factors disaster.  Particularly if your boss is on your back asking
> what you have done today.  "I just spent two days trying to 
> understand the zope security model. Turns out I do not need it" Is
> not an acceptable reply.  Which is literally how I spent my last two
> days. I had to understand it before I could decide to toss parts of
> it out. Fortunately I do not have a boss.
> I now understand that my arguments on the mailing list were really
> about software engineering vs Human Factors. My training was in
> industrial engineering, rather than computer science.  Using last
> centuries technologies is an unmitigated human factors disaster.
> Sure the future is giant libraries of reusable components, but there
> is no viable way to get there from here. There needs to be a graceful
> path.
> So the Zopache user mental model starts with 4 simple TTW classes. 
> HTML, CSS, Javascipt, and Images.  It will be easy for people to put
> up their HTML resumes on my next generation recruiting website 
> PrivaCV.com.  And from there the next branch of the hierarchical
> menu will have some more options for them to explore and learn.  One
> step at a time.
> Thank you so much for helping me to understand the context of the
> work I am doing.

You are arguing and blathering every other year the same nonsense
without any outcome. Do you have a mission? Do you have a goal?
Have we seen any contribution, any code from you side of the last decade?

- -aj

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