[Zope3-dev] Zope X3.1 Feature Freeze

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Fri Mar 18 08:30:55 EST 2005

Lets freeze features for X3.1 on April 2.  I propose to make
the X3.1 branch on that day.  At that point, we'll start working
on a beta release. Perhaps we can make a beta release the following
week. At that point, we'll need to decide what will be included in

If you are working on new features, please try to wrap them up
long before April 2.  This is particicularly important for packages
included in X3.0.


P.S.  Now that that the decision has been made to include Zope 3
       in Zope 2.8, I'd really prefer that Zope 2.8 use X3.1 code,
       not X3.0 code. In general, having code shared by Zope 2 and
       Zope 3 will complicate deprecation, probably increasing the
       length of time we must keep backward-compatibility code.
       I'd like to try to keep the Zope 3 code used in Zope 2 and
       the Zope 3 code used in Zope 3 in sync as much as possible.

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