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Roger Ineichen dev at
Mon Aug 27 22:53:36 EDT 2007

Hi stephan

> Cc: Christian Zagrodnick
> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] Re: skin support for xmlrpc


> > The idea is now to register list_foo for different 
> > layers/skins/api-sets. This could also be achieved by 
> creating dummy 
> > model-objects and/or traversers, but would be much less 
> understandable.
> >
> > What essentially happens is that the views are registered for 
> > different request types.
> You can solve this issue easily using pluggable traversers. 
> There is absolutely no need to use skins here. For example, a 
> traverser plugin can simply mark the request with a directly 
> provided interface and return the same object. This would 
> work very much like a skin without mis-using the concept.

That's wrong, even pluggable traverser using skins if
you use Apache and virtual hosts. Without a skin you can't
handle that. this means a pluggable traverse is just a
additinal hook the solve a simple problem.


> Then use a custom traverser, please!? :-)

eek, I don't like them. And I see no reason to use pluggable
traverser for every JSON or XML-RPC view which should not get
shared in different skins.

Not a skin is a DNS - layout mapping lookup from the 
Apache point of view.

> > It probably would not be much of a problem to remove the 
> skin things 
> > again and put it directly to the project or another third-party 
> > component. But it doesn't feel right.
> Please revert the skin support again. This is a pretty major 
> change and I gave a -1 on the original discussion already. 
> There was never a full proposal either.

But It's a security issue not having layer support in views
even XML-RPC views behave exactly like ever other view handled
by browser - apache - server.

Roger Ineichen

> Regards,
> Stephan
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