[Zope3-Users] Upgrading from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1

Kim L. Jacobsen klj at dgc.dk
Wed Aug 9 08:48:26 EDT 2006

Thanks, that was the kind of solution I was hoping for. I guess that if
you want to use this method, you need to install the products under

It would be nice, if it was documented somewhere, how to upgrade from
the previous version - e.g. in the FAQ.


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Fra: Philipp von Weitershausen [mailto:philipp at weitershausen.de] 
Sendt: 9. august 2006 00:31
Til: Kim L. Jacobsen
Emne: Re: Upgrading from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1

Kim L. Jacobsen wrote:
> I've been playing around with Zope 3.2.0, installed psycopgDA, 
> configured DB-connections, installed other products and made some 
> modifications in ZMI (can't quite remember all of them). Now I want to

> upgrade to 3.2.1. Do I have do start from scratch again, or is there a

> method for upgrading Zope 3.

You can have more than one Zope 3 installed, e.g. you can install Zope
3.2.1 in parallel to 3.2.0 and switch your instance over to 3.2.1 (by
editing the start scripts in $INSTANCE/bin). You can also install Zope
3.2.1 into the place where 3.2.0 was installed; your instance should
continue to work. Such a thing isn't recommended when upgrading between
major versions, though (3.2 to 3.3).


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