[Zope3-Users] zc.tables integration with Zope3

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Mon Aug 21 16:44:26 EDT 2006

On Monday 21 August 2006 15:14, David Pratt wrote:
> Hi. I am wondering if zc.tables could not be incorporated into Zope3
> trunk. My rational for its inclusion is so that the contents views may
> be refactored to use it. The current contents view makes little sense
> without batching and sorting. The ZMI could really use this basic face
> lift to bring it in line with the fundamental views provided in its
> Zope2 counterpart. I'd also suggest that the Boston skin be given
> preference over rotterdam as the default skin for zope.

zc.table still needs an iteration or two before it is ready for the trunk. I 
have started a branch for another iteration, but it will take me a while to 
complete. My goal is to cleanly include some of my enhancements (already 
checked in for demonstration), to generalize the code and make a "div" based 

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