[Zope3-Users] zpt pages though ZMI

Hassan Alirezaei hassan at isi.imi.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Mon Sep 25 07:49:00 EDT 2006

Hassan Alirezaei wrote:
>> In my own skin I'm using
>> <span tal:replace="request/principal/title">User</span>
>> with no problem for either zcml principals nor pau principals.
> Thanks Darryl, I got it working. <span> did the trick!
I thought It did work Darryl But I had a small mistake in the template 
so the whole request/principal/title was not even parsed. Now that I fix 
it again with:

<span tal:replace="request/principal/title">User</span>

it still doesn't work.  when I print the Principal object itself 
(request/principal) i get

<security proxied zope.app.security.principalregistry.Principal instance 
at 0xb669fccc>

for the zope.manager and

<security proxied zope.app.authentication.principalfolder.Principal 
instance at 0xb596d22c>

for the PAU manager which is different as expectedly different of course. 

once again to the original problem,  when I upload the following ZPT 
page through the ZMI,

<html metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/page"> </html>

I get the following error when viewing it while logged in with a PAU 

  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.0c1/lib/python/zope/tales/expressions.py", 
line 217, in __call__
    return self._eval(econtext)
  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.0c1/lib/python/zope/tales/expressions.py", 
line 194, in _eval
    ob = self._subexprs[-1](econtext)
  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.0c1/lib/python/zope/tales/expressions.py", 
line 124, in _eval
    ob = self._traverser(ob, element, econtext)
line 68, in __call__
  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.0c1/lib/python/zope/traversing/adapters.py", 
line 164, in traversePathElement
    return traversable.traverse(nm, further_path)
   - __traceback_info__: (Principal(u'isi.mas.hassy'), 'title')
  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.0c1/lib/python/zope/traversing/adapters.py", 
line 52, in traverse
    raise TraversalError(subject, name)
   - __traceback_info__: (Principal(u'isi.mas.hassy'), 'title', [])
TraversalError: (Principal(u'isi.mas.hassy'), 'title')

here is how I refer to the request/principal/title   :

       <div id="userDetails" metal:define-slot="user_details">
         <metal:block define-macro="logged_user">
           <span tal:omit-tag="" i18n:translate="">User:</span>
           <span replace="request/principal/title">User</span>
         <metal:block define-slot="login_logout">
           <metal:macro define-macro="login_logout">
             <tal:block content="structure context/@@login_logout" />

using            <span replace="request/principal/title">User</span>    
will work quite fine on every normal page I have and I can get the title 
for all the principals (ZCML and PAU)

but when I upload the ZPT and look at it, ONLY ZCML users render without 
any problem. unauthenticated user in the ZCML also can not render.

Thank you again for any help.


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