[Zope3-Users] Authentication without cookies

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Mon Apr 14 13:17:37 EDT 2008

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From: "Peter Bengtsson" <peter at fry-it.com>
To: "Hermann Himmelbauer" <dusty at qwer.tk>
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Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 12:55 PM
Subject: Re: [Zope3-Users] Authentication without cookies

> Slightly off-topic: What mobile browsers that support XHTML don't
> support cookies these days? Don't need an accurate answer but I'm
> curious about rough numbers.

Here is an interesting read on mobile web site authoring 
http://www.passani.it/gap/.  It indicates that '80%' of devices have some 
level/form of cookie support.

Hermann, as a test you could try setting a cookie, do an http redirect and 
see if your cookie is accessible.


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