[Zope3-Users] zc.async in Zope2/Plone

Santiago Videla santiago.videla at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 14:55:08 EDT 2008

Hi people,

I want to use zc.async in  a Zope2/Plone web app. The problem that I found
it's that zc.async requires zope.testing.
When I run buildout it seems that zope.testing overwrite the testing module
from zope2 (instance/lib/python/zope/testing) and when I try to run my
automated tests I get an error in testrunner.py about 'other' attribute

The questions are:
* it's possible to run zc.async over Zope2 ? I think it is, in fact, I have
it running (I think), but the tests get broken as I said
* How can I solve this problem?? There is any way to say in the
buildout.cfg: "Ignore the zope.testing package"
   I guess that I won't be able to run the tests for zc.async, but I can
live with that...
* If I find a way to remove zope.testing, (downloading the source and
removing that requirement, I know it's ugly) could that get me into troubles
* Could zope.testing be require for something else than tests over zc.async
and it's dependecies??

thanks in advance

Santiago Videla

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