[Grok-dev] Re: Documentation: Apache for Grok

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Sun Jan 6 08:11:40 EST 2008

> I'm already registered so feel free to add permissions.

I've created a new Group on the site called "Documentation". Anyone  
with the Site Admin role can add people to this Group.


I've also just put everyone currently registered with the site in this  
group. Then I granted full access to just the /documentation/ section  
of the web site (I assigned the Manager role as a Local Role at the  
root of the PHC install). We might want to get a bit more fine-grained  
with permissions in the future, but that should be good enough for now.

You should be able to add, edit and publish a this doc as a How-To at:


(you should see an "add how-to" link in the top left - unless I've not  
quite got the permissions loose-enough yet ...)

> Not being a technical writer, I just did the best I could to write  
> something that would have helped me a lot. Also I'm not sure I made  
> any attempt to conform to a grok-style of documentation.

The grok-style of documentation is to provide text that other people  
might find helpful :)


We basically have wiki-style permissions on the docs at the moment.  
Other Documentation people may make minor edits to existing text to  
correct obvious errors, typos, broken links, etc. If people want to  
make larger expansions to an existing work, then it's polite to notify  
the original author, and you should notify the original author first  
if you feel that taking on a larger reworking of the text that would  
be beneficial.

> Is it ok if people submit documentation under a creative commons  
> license? It would seem to be ok to me.
> What's a good attribution system to follow? Credits at the end with  
> authors and smaller contributors listed? Maybe i"ll explore the  
> creative commons website.

If you create a work you will be listed as it's primary author. It's  
also possible to edit this on the Properties tab for a document in the  
Plone Help Center, as well as list additional contributors by name.

For a content licensing the default for Plone Help Center is "GNU Free  
Documentation License" but this is just a string which can be  
configured globally for all content in the Plone Help Center. Since we  
are pulling content such as the Grok Tutorial from the Zope SVN repo,  
are we required to give that a ZPL license? Or is a Creative Commons  
license better? Plone.org has the text "All content is copyright Plone  
Foundation and the original contributors" so would similar wording  
with "Zope Foundation" apply?

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