[ZDP] ZDP Site Feedback

Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 23:24:24 +0200

Hi George !

George Runyan wrote:
> looking at the website, there is one little nuansce that I find annoying on
> both ZDP and Oreilly.com when I'm going to a link, transcripts, I must:
> [main page] Click on
> [someones folder] click here to goto documentation chat transcripts
> [zope.org (?)] this is where the content is

OK, this really is an exception. You may have noticed that the header
brings you right to the Zope.org site. The [Read More] part is generic,
and makes sense for all other news items, just not for this one, because
I didn't take the time to sum up the documentation chat transcripts,
which would have shown up when clicking on [Read More].

> Question: wouldnt it be nice if the second 'link' just redirect you to the
> valid content, instead of having to explicitly click on it? 

Good idea ! Something like [Go directly to the link] or [Skip description
and go directly to the link] or ... How would one best put this ?

> How about if there is no 'body' content not putting a 'Read More...'
> link (lessen the options) ?

Right, I will add a check for this.
> Question: is there an RSS for the ZDP (maybe nice to have linked up at
> ZNewbies?) - I like collecting RSS's. (atleast for ZDP News vs. Recently
> 'okayed' data?)

I have not played with RSS, but I figure it is not unsimilar to XML ?
This could be a Topic in the Developers Community under Syndication, 
I guess. It would be great if someone could help me with that.
> Comment: _Predefined Searches_ (I think are cool) - could you 'color code'
> the table elements (CodeCatalog is light blue TD background)? a minor
> touchup but would make it look a bit nicer.

I can do something quick, but it will look much nicer once I have met
with Christian Scholz, who will help with the layout of ZDP. A meeting
in Aachen with Christian in the next days is very probable.
> Comment: Community link on top looks more of like a 'SiteMap'?  I just
> clicked on it for fun, but since the site seems to be so large and sprawling
> a sitemap may be a good idea to get across to people overwhelemed by breadth
> of site.

To have a Sitemap is another good idea ! I will see what I can do
quickly, and post all changes on the mailing list.
George, I would like to thank you very much for your comments
and suggestions on the ZDP site - it is really appreciated !

Best regards,

Maik Röder

Open Source is "about being able to work together with people you've
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