[ZDP] ZDP Site Feedback

George Runyan grunyan@emerging.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:58:14 -0500

Maik and ZDP,

> Good idea ! Something like [Go directly to the link] or [Skip 
> description
> and go directly to the link] or ... How would one best put this ?

I would just 'assume' that no one wants to see that extra click.  and if
there is no body, just dont prompt them w/ 'skip description' for there is
NO description.  but if there is a description I would say:
Direct2Link or Direct2Site (or something like that -- I work in a buzzword
environment and summon them with ease 8)

> > How about if there is no 'body' content not putting a 'Read More...'
> > link (lessen the options) ?
> Right, I will add a check for this.


> I have not played with RSS, but I figure it is not unsimilar to XML ?
> This could be a Topic in the Developers Community under Syndication, 
> I guess. It would be great if someone could help me with that.

I will put this in Syndication, I'm starting to get lost wandering around
the site :(  this is difficult work, wouldnt it be nice if eventually we
structured this so ZDP could be easily incorporated into the ODP?
http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Internet/Servers/Application/Zope/  (this
is a very good thing, I believe)

> I can do something quick, but it will look much nicer once I have met
> with Christian Scholz, who will help with the layout of ZDP. A meeting
> in Aachen with Christian in the next days is very probable.

cool.  I hope the layout is thought through very carefully.  a large website
that changes and a 'common metaphor' are very important for wide acceptance.
I believe the ZDP will end up w/ as much if not more traffic than zope.org
(I look more for information about zope use (help and howto's) than about
the product).  What in zope.org should be bettered?  the how-to layout
obviously could be bettered by the Topics product Michel was playing with...
(?)  this goes back to ODP style struct, IMHO.

> To have a Sitemap is another good idea ! I will see what I can do
> quickly, and post all changes on the mailing list.

excellent.  I'm not really one, but I think a interesting approach to a
sitemap (using a tab/folder metaphor) will yield best results.  you have the
potential for lots of data.  

> George, I would like to thank you very much for your comments
> and suggestions on the ZDP site - it is really appreciated !

I just havent had much time lately :(  -- I really want to help out, but
could only spend maybe 15-30 minutes a day helping out and I never had a
point of reference of 'things to check out' (RSS maybe could help?  these
believe this use to be on the frontpage but is somewhere else now.  what
about STATUSes to each bit of information?  what are the 'states' of

again, sorry I havent been able to keep up.  but I feel like ZDP is probably
a place I could spend lots of time and energy.  I just have found it very
hard to figure out where I can make a impact.  I write fairly well, I can
test code, I've been using ZOPE for awhile, I'm very vocal.  I can spend
~15-30 minutes a day if I can goto a url w/ 'things to do' first thing I do
is goto a url I created that has: ZopeNewbies, Zope Product RSS, theRegister
RSS (seems they have broken it, as of late), Oreillynet rss and quite a few
others.  Since I'm still enchanted by ZOPE I was thinking about registering
and creating a portal like thing called myZope.org or something where you
could mix and match all of your zope content you wanted to keep current on.
but I just DONT have time :(   everyone wants to keep current :)  I'm beaten
down with so much email these days, I like going to fetch my tasks than
rather having all of these REQUESTS bombarding my email.  

george runyan