[Zope-PTK] automatically creating members

deano Deano@tomsnyder.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:01:23 -0400

> What I'd like to know is if there's a way that I can have all of those
> people be members of my PTK portal without them actually having to sign up
> manually. Their Zope password should be the same as their existing NDS
> password.
I'm trying to do the same thing, a bit smaller scale, but same idea. There
are basically two options, which give you varying levels of happiness:

1) LDAPAdapter + NDS 8/eDirectory LDAP-served info
  This is out now, not PTK-aware, but works if you have a lot of time to
bang your head against the wall with NDS's implementation of LDAP.

2) Forthcoming NDSUserFolder product, date unknown... There was someone
working on porting Python/Zope to Novell, and he said that as soon as he got
the eDirectory API SDK, he could work on a UserFolder for NDS. I would guess
that by mid-July or so, something NDS-happy should be out... Though, whether
it will also interact with PTK and propertysheets/user weirdness, I have no

> I've really been trying to wrap my brain around this whole authentication
> business with NDS, LoginManager, roles, member folders, etc. Anyone have any
> Zen to share?
Use every search box on every Zope site until you find what you're looking
for. If that doesn't work, write each Zope mailing list in turn until
someone points you in the right direction. If that* doesn't work, wait
exactly 2 days, and a product that does everything you want except one*
crucial* thing* will appear on the Zope Products page.

It's happened to me twice, anyway. :)