[Zope-DB] Re:Initializing DCOracle2 and connecting to outsidescript

Jim Abramson jabramson at wgen.net
Tue Oct 19 16:18:23 EDT 2004

You need to move dco.pyd inside the folder (originally) named
"DCOracle2" _after_ you extract the other distribution files.  It needs
to be at the top level of the folder structure that's extracted.

As an aside I'm not sure there's any real reason to rename the folder to
ZOracleDA, I think it's purely "cosmetic".  But this shoudn't matter
either way, as long as that folder, renamed or not, contains the
dco2.pyd file.

Don't worry about install.py anymore - all that would do is look for a
binary to give you, which it won't find and you don't need (you have
dco2.pyd for 2.3 already).


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> connecting to outsidescript
> Jim Abramson wrote:
> > well, there appears to be some help here:
> > 
> > http://www.zope.org/Members/mikey/dco2doc
> > 
> > The thing you need from here is dco2.pyd (pre-built binaries for py 
> > 2.3 don't come with the distribution, which is the reason your 
> > install.py is complaining).
> > 
> > I -think- you can just unzip the DCOracle2 dist archive into your 
> > lib/python/Products folder, and put mikey's dco2.pyd into the outer
> > DCOracle2 folder there (next to  __init__.py, version.py and 
> > DCOracle2.py), and that should get you up and running after a Zope 
> > restart.  However, I'm not a licensed DCOracle2 Support 
> Technician and 
> > can guarantee nothing...
> > 
> > Good Luck
> > Jim
> 	Ok, I took the dco2.pyd and put it into 
> lib\Python\Products and there was a __init__.py but not 
> version.py or DCOracle2.py.
> 	Next the DCOracle2 was unzipped to the Products folder 
> and, following instructions, the folder was renamed "ZOracleDA".
> 	Then I rebooted and clicked on the install.py.  A 
> command window opened briefly and then closed with no message.
> 	Trying to start the Zope instance, however, caused the 
> same error as 
> before:   Import Error: no module named dco2	which occurred 
> twice in the 
> traceback.  Trying to start Zope reported that there was no 
> connection with port 8080.  When this happened before I 
> deleted the DCOracle2 files and things booted OK.
> 	What am I not doing/forgetting?
> 	Thanks,
> 		Barry
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