[Zope-dev] Re: ploneout - Or how using zc.buildout for a common Zope2 project might look like

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Tue Jan 16 18:02:50 EST 2007

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> I only caught this message earlier today, but this is really cool! It's 
> really nice to see some zope 2 recipes and I hope they indeed will end 
> up on svn.zope.org soon!
> Your workingenv recipe sounds very interesting and I should try this 
> soon. Does it allow easy_install to be used as well? If so, what does 
> that mean (do paths get updated?)

I believe so.

> I'll be playing with these recipes first excuse I get. :)

I just emailed Hanno a few questions, but I thought I'd post them here 
as well for further discussion:

  - Is it so that I should check out ploneout, run boostrap.py, then
./bin/buildout.sh for each project? Or can I somehow use the same
checkout of ploneout for multiple projects?

  - How does that offline I-already-have-a-bundle-checkout-thank-you 
thing work?

  - I notice that the recipie puts slugs into etc/package-includes; I
don't think they hurt (once we fix KSS, which ree is doing right
now!), but they're not really necessary as far as Plone is concerned
because Products/CMFPlone pulls them in. I'm guessing we should make
it possible to disable this behaviour?

  - I had to easy_install elementtree for openid to be happy; guess we
should add that as a dependency somewhere?

  - In my workingenv (i.e. when I've done source bin/activate) I had
some trouble using 'paster', because it couldn't find various eggs,
e.g. ZopeSkel, Paste, PasteScript, PasteDeploy and Cheetah. What's
annoying is that I had to do each one of these manually, i.e. I ran
'easy_install ZopeSkel' and it found the egg (without any trip to the
cheese shop), but then it complained about PasteScript, so I did
'easy_install PasteScript', but then it complained about PasteDeploy
etc. This is while I'm running 'paster create'. Did I do something
wrong? I think I read somewhere that workingenv can re-use my system
PYTHONPATH which may or may not be useful

  - Once I got it up, I used 'paster create -t plone' to create a new
project in parts/instance/src/my.package. Is this good practice?

  - I did 'python setup.py develop' in my new package to create a
development egg. I could then run tests with './bin/zopectl test -m
my.package --test-path src/my.package'. Is this good practice?

  - Am I supposed to add my own eggs (even if they're not in svn
anywhere) to the buildout for my project?

  - How am I meant to update my plone bundles? I tried running
./bin/buildout -v again, but that wiped my parts/instance directory!
It came back, but lacking things like Products/ ...


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