[Zope-dev] z3c.form 2.0 release?

Adam GROSZER agroszer at gmail.com
Sat May 23 02:33:20 EDT 2009

Hello Malthe,

The problem that I see here with lxml is that it is used for output
checking. Even worse z3c.form requires at least 2.1.1 of lxml, where KGS
3.4 has lxml nailed at 1.3.6.
This burpes already on buildout.
Now even if I would ignore this requirement for testing, (and testing)
how could I be sure that tests pass (with KGS 3.4)?

Take a look at
and try to make the tests work and pass.
Look out, buildout.cfg has the KGS temporarily.

Thursday, May 21, 2009, 10:10:33 AM, you wrote:

MB> 2009/5/21 Adam GROSZER <agroszer at gmail.com>:
>> Well, the strong target is to make z3c.form 2.0 compatible with
>> KGS 3.4. (z3c.pt is somehow intertwined with z3c.ptcompat too.)
>> That's the goal am chasing though I'm quite busy right now.

MB> I don't know the implications of requiring zope.i18n >= 3.5, but I can
MB> say that it's the only dependency that could somehow cause
MB> difficulties. Neither z3c.pt nor z3c.ptcompat have any odd
MB> dependencies (package or version-wise).

MB> Perhaps it's the obsolete dependency on lxml that's causing confusion;
MB> I read a post or two on the list rightfully mentioning that this was a
MB> very difficult dependency indeed.

MB> I think at this point that z3c.form could have a strong dependency on
MB> z3c.pt. Complete list of extra packages:

MB> - z3c.pt
MB> - chameleon.core
MB> - chameleon.zpt
MB> - sourcecodegen

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