[Zope-dev] RFC: Site -> Locus

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu May 28 11:04:51 EDT 2009


Roger Ineichen wrote:
> Probably a rare use case or could become imporant if we use other
> patterns then the container traversal pattern. Do you have some
> ideas of using a contianer less traversal pattern?

Take a look at this graph:


zope.app.publisher is pointing at both zope.container and zope.site.

I believe it's possible to break the dependency on zope.container. But 
if we did so and still had a (small) dependency on zope.site, we won't 
gain anything. If we do manage to break both dependencies, we can lose 
zope.site, zope.container, zope.cachedescriptors, zope.dottedname, 
zope.broken and zope.filerepresentation and zope.lifecycleevent from its 
dependency graph, if I read it well. That's 7 packages. :)



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