[ZWeb] FYI: A little bit of progress

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 11:55:56 -0400

Related to the URL mentioned below, here are some things I plan to do 
and questions I'd like to ask.

IA (Sidebar and Navbar)

Now that we sorta met our deadline of a draft mockup with the IA woven 
back in, I'd like to start filling out the next level of the 
organization.  Here are the priorities as I see them:

0) Agreement on sidebar.  There is a lot of discussion canonicalized in 
the sidebar at http://new.zope.org:15080/ZopeOrg/.  Understand that it 
is hard to accomodate everyone's opinion.  Thus, we should focus the 
discussion on what to remove and not on what to add.

1) Documentation.  My first priority is the Documentation section.  I 
want to get that section's home page better organized and presented than 
the one on current zope.org.

2) Search.  While this isn't a section per se, it is still the "by far 
the biggest" gripe about current zope.org.  Thus, I'd like it to get 
nearly front-of-the-line privileges.

3) Products.  This is going to take some serious thought.  Has anyone 
put any good thinking into a better HTML presentation and navigation? 
(Please don't reply with a discussion about programming.)  I think it's 
best if I simply steal the layout from somewhere else (like apps.kde.com).


Needless to say, Andrew and I got to know the Olivier/Nicolas design a 
lot better when we translated it to ZPT/CMF.  Here's some random 
questions about where we are:

0) Andew and I based the translation on 4_1_4d and not the latest one.

1) 3.5 columns vs. 3 columns.  The current layout has 3.5 columns on the 
home page, where the the middle column is split in the top half and not 
in the bottom half.  There was a discussion about this being unbalanced. 
  Was there any conclusion?  IMO, we should at least investigate 3 column:

   Sidebar	What is Zope		Spotlight
		Zope Corporation	News
		Info for...

2) Full justification.  The "What is Zope" and "Spotlight" boxes are 
full justified.  IMO, this is a mistake.  It doesn't look normal, like 
other websites.

3) Sub pages.  In the discussion about the layout, I think a number of 
people have been rightfully worried about crowdedness.  Remember that, 
on sub pages, this will be less of a problem.

4) [ more... ]  The pages currently have this widget with a space before 
the "m" and after the last "." and, unfortunately, this makes it 
possible to wrap in the middle.  IMO, there should be no space. 
(Perhaps it should be a graphic.)

5) more... in sidebar.  Each section in the sidebar has a title that is 
a hyperlink to the section home page.  Will people know, though, that it 
is clickable?  Should we make it more explicit by having "More..." be 
the last entry in each section menu?

6) Actions bar.  We need to confront this one soon.  When you are logged 
in and look at a page, where does the actions box go?  Right now the 
user_actions are in the grey strip.  But there are the folder_actions, 
etc. that have to go somewhere.  Note that this discussion will 
*certainly* lead to armageddon.

That's enough for now...


Paul Everitt wrote:
> Howdy.  Courtesy of Andrew Saywers, we've made a bit of progress.  We
> have a new new.zope.org with the latest/greatest Zope and CMF, as well
> as:
> a. A skin corresponding to Olivier's work.
> b. A sidebar containing the IA stuff from two weeks ago.
> You can see this at:
>   http://new.zope.org:15080/ZopeOrg/
>   http://new.zope.org:15088/ZopeOrg/ (DAV port)
> Log in using your zope.org username/password.  Note that this sandbox
> doesn't contain all the migrated content.
> Olivier, I made your account a manager, meaning that you can (if you'd
> like) start posting your changes into the portals_skins/nzo folder on
> the site.  Please start with the main_template from that location, as
> we've made a number of changes to ZPT-ify and CMF-ify it.
> Next tasks for me:
> a. Respond to the series of emails that touched on IA.
> b. Create and buildout the important section pages.
> I'd also like to comment that, over the course of the last three weeks,
> we've all made a lot more progress than expected, primarily from Olivier
> and his brother Nicolas.  It's very good to see!
> --Paul
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