[ZWeb] A forest of Zope communities

Bak @ kedai kedai@kedai.com.my
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 23:38:56 +0800

>OK, I agree that zope.org is lacking, for example rating on products, as
>implemented on my-zope.org. But why implement each thing that is lacking on
>zope.org on a separate site? :-)

for me
this is more of a stop gap measure, until the new zope.org is alive.  and
also as an exercise in product making

if this site is redundent after a while, i'd probably do something else :)

as i see it, the more zope related sites there are, the better it is for the
community (zope presence/branding, healthy community effort, etc)

what we lack is a portal like place where we can get to all these sites

>I would love to be a part of writing a good zope discussion forum, I'm
>almost done with a rating mix in class, and so far. But I have nowhere to
>use it, and I am definitely *not* going to start
>http://www.yetanotherzopesite.org/ :-).

i'd say go for it and i'd link to your site :)
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