[ZWeb] Re: A tree in the Forest: Zopelabs

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
28 Feb 2002 17:08:47 +0000

> > * the new zope.org development effort is a 'open' process and if you want
> to
> > contribute  I believe they are letting people have CVS access so they can
> contribute.
> I'm aware of the discussion on this. It was largely done on this mailing
> list. :-)
> Nothing much seems to have happened though.

I volunteered to start the effort off and oversee collaboration.  I made
a survey a while ago to which I got a reasonable response.  I am going
to write it up and post it on the site soon (today / tomorrow).

I'm pretty busy but I am determined not to let this stagnate.  I think
my report on the feedback I got should generate plenty of useful
discussion.  The next step will be to agree on a requirements spec. and
share out the tasks among willing members of the community.