[ZWeb] Not another ___Nuke site, please

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 11:34:47 +0100

Ausum Studio wrote:
> What it's in discussion, up to the extent of what current nzo development
> responsibles allow, is whether or not the new ZopeOrg should use Plone for
> the sake of a faster deployment and future maintaining facilities, or not.
> If the problem was reduced to that I'd say OK, but unfortunately nzo's
> technology adoptions will be a reference point of what Zope and its Content
> Management Framework is, and therefore will act as an endorsement of the
> whole community (or at least ZC's on behalf of it) to the design decisions
> of its developers.

This is an important and useful point.  I'm not sure, though, what to 
conclude from it.

For instance, nzo is using the CMF.  The CMF isn't universally accepted 
in Zopeland, though it's getting closer.  According to this argument, 
nzo is making an endorsement that the CMF is the right way to build 
content management sites.

I can live with that endorsement.  At some point you have to do one of 
two things:

a. Endorse something that exists, or...

b. Rewrite everything above bare Zope from scratch.

As an example of the benefit of promoting one of Zope's most active open 
source projects, here is a snippet from Zope Newbies today:

"Over the holiday break I worked on a relaunch of one of my existing web 
sites, using plone, a content management system based on Zope. I'm very 
impressed! Combined with my modest Zope skills, I've been able to get an 
impressive amount of work done in a short time."

Who wrote this?  Edd Dumbill, the managing editor of XML.com.  I 
consider it a good thing that Edd is in Zopeland and saying good things 
in public about Plone and Zope.

Would Edd have used Zope if he had to write everything from scratch? 
Doubt it.  He probably wanted something that could provide a moderate 
benefit with minimum investment.  IMO, giving Plone (and other Zope 
success stories) some exposure can help generate more stories like Edd.

Still, we need the balance that your point provides.  I think the item 
that is under discussion is to *offer* Plone as a choice, not mandate it.